Patchnotes for Update | World of Warships

Patchnotes for Update | World of Warships: "A minor client update is bringing fixes and tweaks to World of Warships based on your stellar feedback from the forums. Keep it coming and we will continue to make the game better.

The patch is scheduled for June 30 and will be applied on the servers from 05:00 until 06:30 CEST during which the game server will be offline. Thank you for understanding."

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World of Warships: CBT Gameplay Trailer

Setting the Course for Open Beta | World of Warships

Setting the Course for Open Beta | World of Warships: "When?!
Not so fast, sailors! The public test of the upcoming update codenamed 0.4.0 (we have a knack for names) just ended. This means that all the new exciting features you´ve had the chance to test will be implemented to the game in the following days.

With the deployment of the update, your game progress will be wiped as previously stated, meaning your ships and even stats on your profile will be taken away or reset to zero respectively. We are wiping it all, so once the Open Beta begins, everybody starts on an equal footing. But that doesn´t mean you will not be getting something in return, based on your participation in the Closed Beta testing."

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Patchnotes for Update 0.4.0 | World of Warships

Patchnotes for Update 0.4.0 | World of Warships: "Patchnotes:
Unified Premium Account

Update 0.4.0 brings the Unified Premium Account from World of Tanks and World of Warplanes into World of Warships, meaning you will be able to reap the benefits of having a Premium account shared across all of your games!"

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Special: Naval Expansion Act | World of Warships

Special: Naval Expansion Act | World of Warships: "It’s time for an episode of Pimp my Ship! In this special, we are remembering the passing of naval expansion acts by the US Congress that led to modernisation of certain US warships.

By passing an “Eleven Percent Act”, American congressmen expanded the general tonnage of the US Navy by 11%, making it possible for certain under-age ships to be modernized and fitted with more guns and equipment. Later on this meant more anti-air protection, especially for older battleships, which will no doubt come in handy in the game as well."



Einführung der USS Arkansas: Unser Geschenk an CBT-Kapitäne | World of Warships

Einführung der USS Arkansas: Unser Geschenk an CBT-Kapitäne | World of Warships: "Die offene Beta ist noch über dem Horizont, aber es ist Zeit, euch zu sagen, was passiert, wenn dieser Meilenstein erreicht wird, und was ihr für eure Teilnahme an der geschlossenen Beta bekommt. Wollt ihr einen Hinweis? Es ist riesig, hisst das Sternenbanner und haut ziemlich rein.

Die USS Arkansas ist eines der besten Beispiele für amerikanische Schlachtschiffe. Obwohl sie eine vergleichsweise geringe Geschwindigkeit und Feuerreichweite hat, hat die Arkansas gute Manövrierbarkeit, eine gut gepanzerte Zitadelle und eine gute Torpedoverteidigung. Sie hat Flugabwehrbewaffnung und mehrere Hauptgeschütze.

Das Beste ist: Wenn ihr an mindestens 50 Gefechten in der geschlossenen Beta teilgenommen habt, dann gehört sie (mit einer einzigartigen Tarnung) euch!http://worldofwarships.eu/de/news/common/cbt-rewards/

23-Panzer-Katzen Introduction, welcome!

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